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 Feylancer's Blade Guide

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PostSubject: Feylancer's Blade Guide   Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:53 pm

Hello! This is feylancer giving you a simple guides about the blade class.

First of all, what is a blade?
Blades are guys who can posses 2 sword at a time, so that only means 1 thing *that a blade is a one man slaughther machine* , so by that I mean they don't use much skills, they are more of a fast attacker and Fast kill type of character. so they're skills are preety much useless. (except the buffs) Their buffs are essential at lvling, remember that!

Blade's Skills to Put on :

(As I've said other skills are useless to this'll be more on buffs and no attack skills)

: If you hate Ranged jobs and loves killing them, this is the thing to master.. but I wont suggest this aslong as you're using 2 blades at once.. this kill wont work by then Smile

: this is preety useless if your wep is not an element compound, but if it is.. I suggest mastering this for better damage..

: ahhh! Smite axe a really useful skill, if your an axe user I also suggest mastering this for better damage and accuracy Smile P.S : this works the same way as Blazing sword, only with different wep..

: this Skill prolly is the best buffs in the mercenary skills, I strongly suggest mastering this skill for better massive damage! and yep! this works the same for sword mastery..

Next We'll talk about the stats :

Str : this is really up to you, if your goin on a a destructive type of Blade.. althought my build is 1:1 ratio of Str and Dex to boost the damage and ofcourse to have a massive attack speed.

Stamina : aswell as this! this is up to you aswell..if you want more defense and of course, more HP? I suggest lvling this up.

Dex : now this stat, I dont suggest lvling this up, I order you to! lol .. no seriously a blade isn't a blade with not much attack speed at all.. that's what the 2 weapo is for, greater damage and a high critical rate, with that much attack speed = OWNAGE!!!

Int : a useless skill for blade, cause blade's use FP not MP.. so dont bother lvling this up Smile

Now on where to lvl :

be sure to be buffed when you go on lvling Razz

1-30 :


Steam Walkers

the one that holds bombs (dont know the name)
yeti (at azria)
mutant yetis

Mutant Augtu
mutant Yetis

Fogotten Prince
Forgotten King

Mutant mammoths on the way to MAx!! lol

~Items for balde~ COMING SOON!!

Well this is my guide , hope it helps even in a slightest bit.. ty

afro afro
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Feylancer's Blade Guide
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